SUNCEPT is the idea of a two-seat solar-powered electric car, mobile generator of energy via its embedded technologies. The SUNCEPT logo takes up the lines of the concept to facilitate the communication of the project, evoking a solar-powered car.


The idea of designing a solar-powered car stemmed from the following statement: petroleum is an exhaustible resource: its quantity is limited. Another inexhaustible source of energy must be found. Solar energy could then be the solution. According to numerous internet studies concerning solar-powered cars, a majority states that in France, no solar car offering two seats are in production while in other countries, two-seat solar cars are already approved for the road. SUNCEPT would be an extra-urban vehicle. SUNCEPT’s objective is to catch-up in France with regards to two-seat solar vehicles and to even make up for being behind by innovating in this domain, which is only in its beginning stages of development.